Monday 5 December 2016

New reviews for my books.

Here are some more reviews for my books on Amazon.

About the Owners Volume I. Pretty good for a first novel - and my daughter liked it a lot.

Confess I'm not a teen reader but there's enough of interest here to make me think Carmen Capuano can write and one day she'll pen a great novel. Till then this is enjoyable fare and might just turn into a favourite series for my daughter to enjoy. - Andrew.

Read it! Couldn't put it down.  - Peter Teale.

Thank you guys!

About the Owners Volume II

"Teenagers should love this.

Like the ideas and the way she reinvents the future disaster story. Also better edited than the first in her Owners series so it doesn't suffer from to the same extent from incorrectly typos." - Andrew.

On the Owners III -

"Like Owners II a big improvement on Owners I.

Continuing the story of Dan Ryan from Owners II and pretty well, what I said positive about that applies here to. A good read for any teenager but I am a sucker for disaster survival stories." - Andrew.

Split Decision

"Snappy dialogue and excellent writing- worth trying!"

Looking at this because I like Carmen's 'The Owners' series. Not sure whether it'll appeal to male readers as much as female but she can write and her dialogue is spot on - she makes her conversations sound real and for that reason I'll persevere. The only reservation is about pricing - even for a 400'page novel £11 plus is going to deter many potential readers." - Andrew.

On the Owners IV

"Excellent continuation of the series.

More of Jack Ryan's story from Owners II and III. Excellent continuation of the series." - Andrew. 

Many, many thanks for your honest reviews guys! x

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