Monday 14 November 2016


Often in life there are hard choices to be made. Prudence Smith is facing one such choice. Taken from "Future Perfect".

“I hear you went to round to see Helena earlier. Does this mean that you’ve changed you mind?”

I pick up on the hope in Mitch’s voice and am ashamed. I should have explained to him what I was doing before I went – now I have given him false reason for optimism.

“I needed to find out where we should head when we leave here. Which direction I mean.” My voice is tight. I’m so scared. Scared that he will refuse to leave when the time comes. Scared that I will have to make a choice between him and safety for our child. I’m scared to look at him, to see the hurt and sadness in his face, to let him see the fear and anguish in mine.

And yet deep down in the deepest, primal part of me, I know what I will do if that time comes. I will protect my child, our child – and if that means leaving Mitch, then that is what I will do too.

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