Wednesday 19 October 2016

A Milestone!

Today I am taking a little time out from writing to reflect on life and relationships, because next week, I will be fifty.

I have been calm and crazy about this idea in turns. I admit that being fifty is better than being dead, but that's about as much as can be said for it. Let's be honest, unless I can reach at least 100, then I am already more than half way through my life. I almost want to stay up until 3am every night and rise again at 6, just so that I can squeeze every last drop of living from every day. But if I actually did that, I wouldn't be around for very long...

Yes, it's a milestone, an achievement. There are plenty of poor souls who never get this far in life. And it's wonderful to see my three, lovely children growing up, becoming daily more independent. I just hope that as the years pass, I will continue to have a place in their increasingly busy lives.

My life is good. I have a job that I adore and because there is time left at the end of my working day, I now have another job, doing social media for some very well-known places and faces [don't ask because I can't tell]. And that too is fun. So it's all good.

As for the house - well it's coming along. Still slowly and still with one step forwards and at times two backwards. That was certainly the case the other day, when my outside tap burst and there was literally water everywhere. But I guess that too is part and parcel of trying to do up a dilapidated wreck of a place.

But I started this post to talk about relationships. Recently it has become very clear to me that things need to change, so I have set things in motion. I have joined a friendship group, not for romance but to meet men and women who actually enjoy doing the things I do - so much better than dragging a reluctant partner along to things they don't want to attend.

So if when you are out and about, you see a crazy woman dancing  like a loon and having a ball with a big group of people, come and say hello - for it will most likely be me.

Happy Reading!

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