Wednesday 28 September 2016

Character in distress

As you may know, I have been writing a new book, based on real life. The characters are strong and the storyline is flowing well, however last night something happened that will change my work schedule over the next few months.

A character came to me, so in distress and desperate that I tell her tale, that I am compelled to put aside the current book, to enable me to write this new story. This isn't a new phenomenon to me. Sometimes characters are so desperate to be heard that they will interrupt my sleep or my waking moments until I take heed of them. I could see from the off that Prudence was going to be one of those.

So what's she like? Well she's strong but surprisingly sweet of nature. And she's very much in love. But she's also in grave danger...

I'll keep you posted on her progress!

Happy Reading!

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