Monday 23 May 2016

Sorry guys!

I have had a couple of complaints about my book Split Decision. It seems that you ladies are enjoying the book so much, you are going to bed early... to READ.

And guess where the complaints have come from? Yup, your men folk. Now whilst I am delighted that you are all so engrossed, I have to say ladies what are you thinking of? Rather than have your man nag you at bed time, give in and give him a little of what he will love... buy him a copy of The Owners series!

Joking aside, these have been genuine complaints made to me and I make no apologies for writing such compelling reading.

So for your copy of The Owners and Split Decision, follow the links on the right of this page or read the reviews on the Reviews page.

Happy reading. X

P.S. New books coming soon...

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