Thursday 19 May 2016

A snippet

Exciting news coming soon... [sorry, I know you all hate it when I do this :) but hey I'm a suspense author, what do you expect???]

In the meantime would you like a little sneak peek at the book I am currently writing?

Here it is:-

I have never seen him without his clothes before. Naked, his body is lean and muscular with a pure beauty that takes my breath away once more. My eyes roam over him and I know beyond any shadow of doubt that he can be the only man for me. The only love I will ever have in my life.

I feel my cheeks redden at my forwardness but I do not shy away from the picture he presents. He strides towards me and I am simultaneously eager and afraid of his embrace.

If he feels the coldness of the water, he gives no indication. But he stops short before he reaches me. I want to speak, want him to speak and yet I don’t want the beauty of the moment shattered. Don’t want either of us to say or do something that will mar the perfection of this time and place.

And then suddenly I am soaked as he brings his hands up and throws a cascading fountain of water at me. Streams of water run down my hair and over my face as I throw back my head and laugh. Far from ruining the moment, he has taken the edge from it and kept it safe, kept me safe.

Despite the part you have read this isn't that sort of book, but the characters  are in love. I hope you enjoyed it.

Happy reading, x

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