Monday 2 May 2016

A new review!

Here is a review which has just been sent to me. It is from a Year 8 school teacher who read one of my books.

"The Owners, Volume I is a page turner of a read. The structure of the novel being a double narrative perspective leap-frogging chapter by chapter, really hooks the reader.

I thought it was beautifully written with wonderful use of imagery. For example, 'The drone of an insect outside served to shatter the silence, its drum a seeming answer to the staccato drumbeat of his heart'.  The musical term 'staccato' conveyed to the reader how fast the boy's heart was throbbing with fright.

This is a novel ideal for the young adult readership, as there were elements of peril interspersed with loving relationships and concepts of what makes us human. I thought there were many thought provoking elements such as making us think about our own relationships with our own pets. There is also the added feature of the mystery about the Eyons, who are they? Who controls them? And why? These questions leave the reader wanting to read the second volume, which is an excellent hook into the forthcoming series.

Overall, I would thoroughly recommend the book to my students, although there were a few 'typos' which need to be edited out. Having said that, I was so engrossed with the plot and turn of phrase that the 'typos' did not get in the way."

Mrs Sterenberg. Aston Fields Middle School.

So folks there you have it... if you haven't yet read it, you really should. :)

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