Tuesday 23 February 2016

Thank you!

Yesterday I did a talk for Olton Creative Writers at Olton Library. What a wonderfully well-read and creative group of people!

Often those who have an interest in the arts can be a little imperious [stating the phrase with implied inverted commas and capital letters, or fingers held aloft in the air], so it was refreshing to meet such talented and down-to-earth people.

I hope they thoroughly enjoy my books.


  1. Thanks Carmen for a stimulating talk. I said in the vote of thanks that you had held us spell-bound for 2 hours.

    best wishes

    David Deanshaw
    PS what the website you mentioned where one can upload a paragraph and be compared to others

  2. Thanks Carmen for a stimulating talk. what was the name of the website where one upload a piece and be compared to another writer?