Monday 25 January 2016


Whatever your beliefs, whether you class yourself as religious, atheist, agnostic, spiritualist, humanist, to name but a few, they are still a system of beliefs by which you lead your life.

Whilst not a great believer in all things astrological, I have found that Mr Johnathon Cainer very often reflects either how I am feeling or what is happening in my life with spooky accuracy.

So this is my horoscope for today : Are you going round in circles? Are you almost, but not quite, back where you started from with little to show for it? It is easy to jump to such a conclusion when events appear to take a repetitive turn and we happen to be feeling disconsolate. But we may be painting a far too pessimistic picture when we do that. Everything in life has a cycle, and a cycle often brings up familiar experiences. There is a big difference between where you were once and where you are now. You will yet gain greatly from that.

Ok so far so good...or perhaps bad, depending how you read the above.

But when I came to the first chapter I am editing today [remember this book was written 18 months ago] and read the following paragraph I had written back then, I had to assume that the Universe IS trying to tell me something.

Here it is : -
“All those years ago I made choices and so did Martin. Those choices can’t be undone. All we can ever do is learn to move on from them. And hope for the best. And if one day, a situation arises that puts you back almost exactly in that same place then perhaps you take the other choice, the one you didn’t take the last time, the one that your heart wants.” A tear slowly slid down her cheek. And he understood that her words were her challenge to the universe, just as his has been.
Freaky, isn't it?
So what do you make of it? Am I going round in circles? Answers on a postcard, please! x

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