Saturday 21 November 2015

A little bit of The Letter

I am so far behind it's unbelievable and with Christmas now breathing down my neck, I'm struggling to catch up. So today I have ignored everything else and fed my heart, working on The Letter, which is almost completed.

Here is the latest paragraph:-

He sounded seriously perturbed but not for the reason he ought to have been, she suspected. “You joshing me lady?” he enquired.
“No, Sonny, I’m not ‘joshing’ you,” she reiterated his vernacular back at him. Those words, the sentiment they conveyed, everything was so alien. Here in the middle of a hospital car park, relaying this sort of information over a phone whilst a former boyfriend and the love-child of her dead husband looked on…what could possibly be surreal about that?

Poor Fran. But there's a light at the end of the tunnel...she just has to get there.

Happy Reading.

Don't forget I am attending several fayres in the lead up to Christmas. Come get your signed copy of Split Decision or The Owners series.

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