Monday 28 September 2015

The Letter

How do you tell your daughter that years ago her father had an affair? Here in the chapter I am currently writing, Fran attempts to break the news to Danni...

“Years ago, when you were only little… your dad and I weren’t getting along. I was busy with you and my mother was ill. Your dad was going through a difficult time at work and having to work away a lot. I guess both of us were distracted.” She wanted to add that her distractions had been more valid than Jim’s, but didn’t.

“What are you saying mum? That dad left you for a while?” Danni asked, her voice a surprised staccato.  

Fran shook her head. She wished it had been that simple. “He didn’t leave. Well not physically…” she clenched her fingers into her palms, feeling the nails bite into the soft flesh, willing the pain to carry her through the awful news she was about to impart.
I hope you are enjoying keeping up with this emerging story.

Happy Reading!

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