Thursday 27 August 2015

Press Release.

Bromsgrove author Carmen Capuano will be counting the cars racing by on the Aston Expressway this autumn, when the large digital billboard located there is displaying an advertisement for her latest book.

“I really can’t believe that my novel will be up there for everyone to see – it’s almost beyond my wildest dreams!” said the popular writer. “Thousands of cars pass that spot every day – and now they will see the cover of Split Decision!”

To add further to Carmen’s excitement, WHSmith in Birmingham will be stocking the newly released book on its shelves, facilitating its shoppers’ searches for a good read.

Said Manager Adrian Rankovic of the decision to put Ms Capuano’s novel on display in a prime spot in the window, “We are aware of exactly what our customers are looking for in a book. They want something they can fully immerse themselves in; good writing with a great plot. So if they haven’t already discovered Carmen Capuano for themselves, we are happy to bring her to their attention.”

So things may not quite be “written in the stars” yet for the Midlands author, but they are certainly getting higher in the sky.

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