Thursday 11 December 2014

Almost Christmas!

Well Christmas is almost here, the trees are up and the kids are excited.  So maybe at this time of the year it is understandable that my thoughts have turned in the direction they have...but first let me explain a little.

I am not religious. I have friends who are deeply religious and others who are completely atheist. I am happy to let each be to their own. However, this current book is a very Dan Brown affair. I had known from the first that it was about religion, but hadn't counted on how intricate and twisting it would be, to call into question the very nature of our existence.

If you have attended one of my author talks, you will know that I seldom know how a plot will unfurl, so it came as rather a surprise. But I am enjoying each revelation!

Here is a little snippet where the local Preacher comes to a realisation.

“As for the help and the luck, well I guess that’s where I come in,” Isaac sighed. “Perhaps I could have been a happier man if I had never found out what I have discovered today, but that ignorance is now behind me. Yet I cannot walk into the future with the knowledge that I did nothing to help right a wrong, weighing heavily on my back…”
He slipped from his seat on the pew to a kneeling position on the floor. Facing his alter he made the sign of the cross and folded his hands in prayer.
      “Father I am but your servant. Your candle in a vast darkness that is of your making. I have no power to light the way ahead, nor to cast off the shadows which follow my every footstep. Yet I beg your help to aid these two good women in their search for what is right, for what is just; for what your will desires. Help me be strong so that I may in turn help them. Amen.”

Merry Christmas and Happy Reading x

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