Thursday 23 October 2014

Now in between all this frantic running around [see previous post below] I am actually trying to get some writing done.

Here is a snippet I literally just committed to the white screen. It is taken from my chick-lit book which will be finished mid November. I know, I know! I told you that it would be finished by the end of October but in my defence I have been rather busy!

I hope you like it :-

“Is there a problem here?” Clipped tones preceded a woman of indeterminate age down a sweeping staircase to arrive in front of their little triangle. “Who are…” the woman began and then stopped abruptly, eyes widening slightly in surprise. The skin around her eyelids seemed unable to fully support the manoeuvre she was trying to make, Botox or perhaps surgery holding it as taut and unlined as a teenager’s. Instead her neck displayed a sudden rigidity, chords and sinews sticking up through the skin as if skewered there.
“You!” Julia expelled on a breath as if Indie had arisen from the dead.
“That should have been my line!” Indie said rancorously. “Seems to me like you stole it. Just like you stole my mother’s place in my father’s bed!”
Happy reading! x

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