Wednesday 20 August 2014

The end is in sight!

The summer hols are almost over and I am desperate to get back to my writing. I can't normally write whilst the kids are home but today I got up early whilst they were still in bed. I actually managed half a chapter before I had to stop.

The book is at the half-way point and I can see more clearly where it is going. It is a deep tale of a troubled boy and the act that ultimately saves him.

Here is the very latest excerpt from The Boy Who Rescues Pigeons. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy reading.

“I prepared some more food for your bird. There was some left over bits of meat and potatoes so I chopped them up really small and I did some more peas and corn.”

He nodded, relieved to be talking about the bird rather than Martin. “Will it eat meat and potatoes?” he asked.
Anna shrugged. “Out in the wild I guess they eat whatever they can find. They eat worms so that’s meat!” she said, pushing away from the table and taking the dirty bird dishes from him. “But the bird is your responsibility Lucas. I thought I made that clear. You need to look up on the internet what it should be fed and what it will need to make it better.”

He nodded. She was right and it was what he had been planning to do until…until he had had that message from Hugh Grant. He cursed himself for not getting on with his responsibilities. If he messed this up Martin or his mother would make him get rid of the pigeon.

Lucas sensed that this would not only be a death sentence for the bird but that in some strange way it would be the death of him too.

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