Thursday 31 July 2014

Breast issues!

Apparently if a woman wears a bra for 12 hours or more her chances of developing breast cancer are greatly increased.

The reason for this is that the lymph nodes in the breast require natural body movement to allow them to be emptied of their accumulated toxic waste. Bras however are designed to keep breast movement to a minimum, thus hampering the effective drainage of the lymph nodes and leading to a build up.

A doctor in Florida [Dr. Gregory Heigh] has reputedly  observed up to a 90% reversal of fibrocystic breast disorders in women who have sought to reduce the time they are restricted in bras or resolved not to wear them at all.

But what does this mean for the average lady, because lets be honest and upfront about our breasts [pardon the pun]. We are not going to let it all hang out like an advert for life au natural in the Tropical Rainforest, are we?

In this day and age where young girls are having implants in their bottoms and eyebrows tattooed to their faces, we are not going to easily see a return to simpler, less restrictive undergarments. If anything, the trend is going the other way with bras becoming more rigid and far less natural.

But I forgot... are we not the same species who managed to create skyscrapers such as the [now gone] Twin Towers, the Tower of Pisa [if somewhat leaning] and majestic structures such as Golden Gate Bridge?

Can we really create suspension bridges to carry cars over  wide-bodies of rivers, yet still not find a way to safely support two sacs of flesh on the female body? Really? I doubt that very much indeed!

Or is it that a solution already exists but it is one which is too unattractive to appeal to most men and not lucrative enough for greedy bra manufacturers, who would rather churn out nylon tat with a smattering of lace than finer, more malleable garments manufactured in more natural materials?

So girls my message is this - don't burn your bra, just demand a more natural one! And then in the words stolen from Star Trek, hopefully you really will 'live long and prosper'.

Happy Reading!

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