Wednesday 2 October 2013

Pigeon Post!

I have been feeling rather ambivalent the last few days. Last Thursday I took the wood pigeon we have been looking after for the last six months to a permanent rescue centre.

It was hard to hand him over but as he had lost the very tips of one wing and seemed unable to grow back his flight feathers, it seemed the kindest thing to do.

In a terrible state when I brought him here after being savaged by a cat, it was very touch and go whether or not he would actually live. But he did and he coped well, eating until he was a huge barrel of a bird and eying up the dogs with no fear whatsoever....

But he was alone with no other pigeon company and so I took the decision to put him in a rescue centre where he would have the company of his own kind. Rightly or wrongly, it is my belief that this is important.

So whilst we were pleased for him, we also knew that we would feel his absence deeply.

We miss you Mr Fluffy but hope that you live a long and happy life with all your new pigeon friends . xxx

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