Monday 14 October 2013

If only...

Ahhh...back to the trusty laptop for another chapter of The Owners, Volume VI : Blood Sky.

Last week I was too busy to get any writing done, having spent one whole day at a lovely school teaching creative writing to years 3-6 and another day doing book signings at the Women of the Year Luncheon and Awards Ceremony.

I had a fabulous time at both events and was lucky enough to meet some wonderful people and fantastic children. I was also amused to hear one little girl say to another when they were queuing up for my autograph, "my mum has all her books and she loves them."

The rejoinder to that was a swiftly delivered, "well so does my dad. He has all of them too!"

What made me laugh was the blatant fibbing going on. Now don't get me wrong, I am honoured that many people come back to me to tell me how much they enjoy my books but I am aware that I do not yet have the status or universal recognition of the likes of Ms. Rowling, for example. So the idea that both of these little girls' parents had my collection of books was ridiculous, if rather flattering.

Anyway onwards and upwards!

I will fill you in on how Volume VI is going throughout the week. In the meantime if you wish to drop me a line, well you know where I am.

Hope to see you at my next scheduled event, at the Dr Who/sci-fi event, where I shall be selling signed copies of my books and holding a creative writing there if you dare ;)

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