Monday 9 September 2013

Time gentlemen please!

I Started writing at half seven this morning. [It is now 2:30 pm] Finished one chapter of book 6. Spell checked the entire book 5, wrote a blog, answered emails and now going to walk the dogs. That's enough for one day don't you think?

And here is my daily horoscope :-

Not everything has to happen in a hurry. Not every need is urgent, not every promise is pressing. Sometimes we worry far too much about deadlines. We put ourselves under unnecessary pressure. Unless you now have cast iron proof that something won't wait, let it wait! Indeed, even if it won't wait, you may care to ask yourself how much it will matter if it is left unattended. Of the various priorities that need to be identified and honoured, the highest is surely your need to maintain a sense of perspective. Courtesy of Johnathon Cainer.

I guess I should have read that first!!!! ;)

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