Tuesday 24 September 2013


Busy, busy me!

I had a fab time at The Custard Factory on Saturday, chatting to sci-fi fans about my books and selling signed copies.

Now for those of you who aren't from Birmingham, I guess I need to explain that the site was formerly a custard factory [gee, really?] but is now a collection of very chic and stylish shops and meeting venues.

Not only did  meet new sci-fi fans but I also had a chat with some I had met previously when they bought books from me at other venues. It was great to catch up with these people and to hear back from them how they had enjoyed the books.

In just over a week I will be doing the same thing again, this time at the prestigious Women of the Year Luncheon Awards.

I'm especially thrilled about this because I was personally extended an invitation to attend by the organisers.

It's gonna be a good 'un folks!

I'll let you know how it goes :)

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