Tuesday 9 July 2013

The Owners, Volume V:Eyon Rising

Well Volume V is nearly written. Two chapters, two full edits and a couple of proof readings to go...then lots of production decisions and it will be ready!

I can't believe I am half way through the series already...

But yesterday, a friend told me that she is currently reading Volume II: Storm Clouds and has not been able to put it down. Apparently her teenage daughter is waiting in line to get her hands on the book, so as you can imagine I was really pleased.

Anyway, here is a little bit from Chapter 22 of Volume V {I don't think it gives too much away}

As the silvery tinkle of the child’s delighted laughter continued to echo in his ears, Dan hoped against hope that it was a sign, a presentiment of how the situation could be peaceably resolved.

But as the child’s mirth melted away, the laughter was replaced by the hunting call of a bird of prey, echoing sharp and clear and sending a chill up his spine, as it scooped its unsuspecting quarry from mid-air.  And in his heart, lodged the fear that it was that particular sound which would prove to be the  true foreboding for what was yet to come.

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