Thursday 25 April 2013


“I know how this must feel…like we are running away. And I sure ain’t never been known for running away from trouble,” he paused a moment to look them both in the eye, needing them to understand that the words he spoke came from the heart.
“But there are some fights you just ain’t ever gonna win. And the skill is in being able to recognise them when they happen along.”

This is a little bit of the very last chapter of Volume IV. I will be sad to see it completely written as Volume V picks up not where Volume IV ended but over a decade later, when the situation is vastly altered...

12.35pm I have just written the very last words in the very last chapter and now I'm feeling both euphoric and sad at the same time. Never mind, I'll be starting the editing in the next few days, so I'll be able to get to know the characters all over again!

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