Wednesday 23 January 2013

The snow is falling thickly on the ground and I know that for many people it is nothing more than an inconvenience.

But doesn't it also give us a sense of Olde Worldeliness, that feeling of somehow stepping back  into another time, another place? It does for me, anyway.

But if the weather is really getting you down, console yourself with this thought...a couple of months ago, there were entire websites telling us how we would never even get to see 2013! Proclaiming that the world was about to end...and guess what? It didn't!

Perhaps though, it has changed?

If  all you @bookreaders and @bookclub people out there, fancy a story that tells you how the world really could be changed, check out The Owners, Volume I: Alone and The Owners, Volume II:Storm Clouds and my book trailer videos on youtube for @youtube viewers.

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