Thursday 31 May 2018


I have always intended to learn Spanish but somehow failed to get round to it in the past. So, because I am totally rushed off my feet with work and therefore won't have time to fret about whether I'm doing well at the language or not, I decided to begin. 

I spent literally five minutes on an internet lesson, and armed with that scant knowledge, proceeded directly to a Spanish conversation practice. Glass of wine in hand, I regaled the class with my entire knowledge of the Spanish language which mostly comprised of ordering glasses of cava and thanking the person for the said glass of cava. ;)

The evening turned out to be rather a surprise for all concerned. Not least for the lady who runs it, as we discovered we had met previously, when she bought signed copies of my books at an event. 

The rest of the group were equally friendly and I enjoyed my first session and even came away with several new phrases and words. For example I can now say in Spanish, "I'm sorry, I'm Scottish and my Spanish is really bad, can you speak very slowly as if to an idiot, please?"

I'm not sure if I was apologising for being Scottish or for being bad at Spanish, or for being an idiot - either way I imagine I'll get a lot of use out of that handy phrase. 

So for now - Hasta Manana!

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