Thursday 5 November 2015

Lord of the Flies at the Birmingham REP

A couple of nights ago I was invited by the Birmingham REP to attend the production of the stage adaptation of the William Golding classic, "Lord of the Flies."

I remember this story from my schooldays... I think I was around twelve when I studied the book and  had loved it in its entirety. Thirty-seven years on, I wondered if it would affect me as strongly as it had back then, and whether it would translate well to a theatre performance. I now know I needn't have been concerned at all.

The performance was electrifying! I was completely gripped by the high octane, high energy performances from a group of young men who riveted my attention from their very first moment on stage, until the thunderous applause at the end.

The adaptation was totally compelling, the acting superb and the attention to detail magnificent. I won't spoil it for you here by telling how they managed certain of the trickier elements of the storyline, suffice it to say that the audience were left in no doubt as to what was going on, why it was being perpetrated and exactly by whom.

I had a prime seat close to the stage but even at the back, the REP is such a beautifully designed theatre that it has an almost intimate feel.

So thank you to the Birmingham REP and also to the cast of the production who turned out not only to be fine actors but very pleasant, modest young men into the bargain. As for the young Glaswegian who played 'Piggy', I must say that his regional dialect was fantastic!

I had a great time and rest assured that I will be back.

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