Tuesday 23 June 2015

Faster than the speed of ...

Today I have been cordially invited to view a super sonic car, courtesy of my post as columnist and copy editor at GEM magazine. But I have to wonder exactly what they will think when I drive up in my Postman Pat van?

You see I'm not really one for ostentation, unless it fits the occasion and mostly I am sitting in jeans writing or charging through fields with my dogs and/or kids. Therefore the idea of me and a super sonic car is rather hilarious, due to my own driving abilities and lifestyle.

That said, as a science fiction/fantasy writer, the car appeals in a variety of ways. I mean, what couldn't you do with a super sonic car at your command... goodness me, I feel another book coming on. ;)

Keep your eyes peeled for my post on the lovely Jasper Carrott and Ian Lavender and the connection between the two.

Happy Reading!

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