Monday 14 July 2014


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What I would like to talk to you about today is something I feel very strongly about and something which I know you do too. I want to talk about the Rolf Harris situation and people who are like him.

But this blog post is not just for the adults, indeed I am aware that a large number of children read my posts and so today, this is exclusively for them.

My younger readers.

Summer is here and its warm outside and the nights are lighter for longer and you want to be out with your friends...I get that, my children are exactly the same. So when your mum or dad tells you to be home by a certain time, it can seem like they just want you to be bored at home and not out having fun!

And anyway you are safe, right? You are with your friends and there are lots of you and besides you are nearly 10 or 11 or...

Let's get one thing straight - your age doesn't matter. You are still a child. And your parents DO know best!

We live in an increasingly dangerous world. It is not the world that I, or your parents, or many other people would wish it to be but it is the real world. Your parents know and understand this and that's why they want you home at a certain time. It's not because they are evil and want you to be as bored as them, it's because they are worried for your safety.

When I was your age I was always warned to watch out for 'bad men'. Well I am telling you now there are bad women too! And they come in all shapes and sizes, all colours and nationalities and most importantly, all ages!

Don't just think that its younger adults who might pose a threat to you...some of them could be older than your grandparents. Evil young people don't disappear in a puff of smoke before they get older. They age just like everyone else. So just because its an old man who suggests you walk up the road with him, don't think this is safe to do!


And one more thing kids - don't grow up too fast! I know the world has moved on since I was a child but its a universal fact that kids can't wait to be older.

[It's funny too 'cos once you are older you will spend all your time trying to stay young :)]

Whilst you are a child, play like a child, talk like a child and this comes from the heart, dress like a child. Leave the little tops and the short skirts for when you are much older and don't fight with your parents when they stop you trying to wear clothes that are too old for you.

You only get one shot at being a kid, so enjoy it!

Here is the number of Childline, a helpful organisation 0800 1111

If you are in America you should call  1-800-4ACHILD.

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