Thursday 5 June 2014

OH NO!!!!!

I had to post this to give you a laugh.

My latest book The Plan [working title only] is very different to everything I have written before and so when I took this excerpt :-

The door was wooden and heavy and looked as if it had been put there millennia ago to deter intruders. Hand on the handle she strained to listen for voices from within but the door was too thick for any sound to escape the confines of the inner rooms.

It took both hands to swing the door open and hold it wide enough that she could pass through. There was a small foyer and another door which led from there to the large parquette-floored hall. The other door was open, held ajar by a wooden table littered with flyers and pieces of paper.

Unintentionally she let the front door swing from her hands, wincing as it made a heavy clang back into its frame, the sound echoing across and throughout the sparsely furnished building. And in that instant of reveal she saw them turn their heads and gaze at her, the newcomer, the seeker of thinness, the new apostle to the book of diet…she saw them drink her in hungrily like so many vampires trapped in a morgue.

...and pasted into the writing analysis tool, I wondered what would come out. Apparently here I have written in the style of Dan Brown [The Da Vinci Code]. Now that's not good, is it?

Happy reading!  

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