Thursday 6 June 2013

The Owners Volume V : Eyon Rising.

I am already onto Chapter 4, so here is the latest little bit :-

“What are they like Noah?”

“You’ll find out for yourself very soon, little bro’.” Noah grimaced as he put down the empty canister and removed the funnel from the neck of it, so that he could replace both the cap on the empty bottle and the one on the ark. The funnel was stained a dark browny-green colour and Eli tried to avert his eyes but found he couldn’t.

“Yes I know but…” he tailed off, desperate for advance information.

“Well they are just people same as…” Noah caught himself and what he was about to say. They were not the same as Eli. That was the whole point.
N.B. Volume IV has been delayed in getting to the proof readers as my eldest son was desperate to be the very first person other than myself to have read it. How could I say no? So sorry guys...but it will be out soon.

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