Saturday 13 April 2013

What's in a name ?

Well to completely ignore what Shakespeare thought about it all, including roses and all that, it is a rather strange affair.

I'm sure we all know a variety of John Smith's or Adam Jones's and so on but up until the advent of the internet and Google, I had pretty much thought that my name pairing was unique.

You see I have both Spanish [hence the Carmen] and Italian heritage [the Capuano]. To my mind there wasn't much chance of many people being called the paired first and second names of Carmen Capuano ...but there are. In fact a few of them are on my facebook page now! They mostly live in Spain or Italy [logical I guess] but it is still strange to see some other face looking out on the world with my own name beside it.

So if you have never Googled your own name, why not try it. If nothing else, it is a good talking point [and giggling too for that matter] with friends and family. Who knows who the other 'you' might be! A famous road builder or jewelry maker or even just someone who has their own blog page.

But whatever they are and indeed whatever they are like, they are not you. And that's what makes it such a weird experience.

When I get a little time to write more, I'd like to tell you about my experiences in Brean over the past week. Until then, happy Googling! x

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